our mission

At MCD, we exist to preserve and protect human life. We believe in a unified nation where everyone is capable of protecting themselves, loved ones, and their community.

Our mission is to instill Civic Duty by uniting citizens and institutions through immersive education, expert training, and community partnerships.



Through self-respect we gain confidence. By respecting others we honor the value of their lives.


The path to a better community starts by understanding each other and using compassion to drive results.


This is the basis of Civic Duty. It forces us to act with conscious intent and grow by holding ourselves and each other to higher standards.

our team

The number one goal of our team is to provide the best public safety services in Michigan. It is our vision to instill an interest in what is best for our neighborhoods and demonstrate how to respond in ways that benefit all. This is why our team consists of first responders, healthcare professionals, veterans, skilled trades workers, educators, business leaders and all citizens that are dedicated to their community.